Systems and Space

Systems & Space inc. has been providing comprehensive storage and space solutions for Northern California since 1988. What makes SSI unique is that they are a “single source” storage partner for over 80% of our customers. Their application knowledge and expertise are honed by years of experience, the reason over 83% of their new business comes from existing clients. SSI understands the composition and characteristics that are essential to space management and workflow efficiency.


“I worked with Jennifer from interior Motions and she was very helpful in bringing my vision and concept that started abstract into reality.The goal was to renovate our space into an energetic, collaborative work environment with state of the art furniture. Jennifer understood our goal and budget and incorporated many suggestions on where we can save where need to invest. To bring the project in on budget we purchased re-manufactured panels and file cabinets that all look brand new.  We incorporated all new electric height adjustable work stations to give each co-worker the most flexible, ergonomic and productive space available. Together we accomplished the Systems & Space goal and everyone at Systems & Space is 100% thrilled with the results. Thanks Jennifer!”


-Brad Lieber