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For the past 35 years, Interior Motions has remained committed to our original mission: to transform the way people work through excellent furniture, design, and customer service. In 2024, we are thrilled to announce that Interior Motions will be joining CRI, a certified MillerKnoll dealer based in San Francisco. In doing so, we have the opportunity to execute our founding mission at a greater scale and with expanded support.

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We love helping our Bay Area clients create their dream office space. We listen wholeheartedly to your desires and specifications. Our goal is to make you happy with an office built for today’s needs and tomorrow’s vision. Over our decades of experience, we’ve overcome every type of furnishing challenge imaginable to find office solutions that transcend expectations.
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Stylish, Functional Bay Area Office Furniture

We are proud to offer the best office furniture in the Bay Area. Interior Motions is an authorized dealer of sustainable, Herman Miller furniture, however, that is not all we carry. Our vast inventory includes more than 300 leading brands and thousands of products. If the item you need doesn’t exist, we can custom build it for you.

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  • Noll and Tam have had a successful experience working with Interior Motions on a variety of public projects over the past 8- 10 years. Jennifer Burton has been an enthusiastic team leader and we have found the rest of the group reliable and easy to work with...
    Noll and Tam
  • In all the projects I have worked on with Interior Motions, I am reminded over and over why I enjoy working with them. Clients love Interior Motions because of their uncanny ability to come in under budget and adapt to changes as fast as they can make them. Dan has built a very special company, I am an Interior Motions fan.
    Marnell Mullarkey, PopSugar



    One of the largest obstacles to a clean and sustainable environment is the exorbitant amount of waste produced by humans every year. Researchers estimate that industrial waste reaches a staggering 7.6 billion tons annually. However, revamping your space in an earth-friendly way is possible.

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    Oftentimes, people think of talking to yourself as an activity reserved for people who have lost touch with reality. In actuality, everyone talks to themselves at all waking hours of the day. This internal dialogue often goes unnoticed because it takes place inside our heads, yet it is one of the biggest determinants of your mood, perception, and self-esteem. Thus, taking control of the way you talk to yourself could change your life. 

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    At the end of the work day, many people find it hard to resist the siren call of the overflowing email inbox, the iphone notifications, and the unfinished checklist. The task of quitting work for the day has become increasingly difficult as the work from home trend has blurred the line between professional life and personal life. Here are some tips to help you maintain a healthy work-life balance.

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    Leonardo Da Vinci once said, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Thus, it is no wonder that many high-end spaces designed to convey luxury and sophistication opt for less stuff, not more. If you are seeking a more refined and elegant aesthetic for your space, it might be time to throw at that old rug and lava lamp from the 70s and try executing a minimalist design instead. 

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If you are looking for expert office design or office furniture in the Bay Area, reimagine your space by reaching out to us at or by phone at 510-653-6100. Someone will get back to you within 24 hours.

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