2021 in a Nutshell for the Furniture Industry

Posted on December 30, 2021

The year 2021 has been challenging for many sectors of business, but especially the furniture industry. Between supply chain issues, stay-at-home mandates, etc., equipping customers with the tools necessary to create productive workplaces was not always easy. Nonetheless, Interior Motions remained committed to providing the highest quality customer service and adapting to the evolving working conditions. Here is 2021 in a Nutshell for the Furniture Industry.

Shift Towards E-commerce 

With the threat of Covid-19 looming around every corner, many consumers preferred to shop from within the comfort of their own home. This meant that e-commerce within the furniture industry skyrocketed. At the beginning of 2021, Interior Motions underwent a complete online renovation–– with a new website, new look, and new online buying opportunities for customers. You can now purchase items from our Bay Area warehouse from anywhere in the U.S. by visiting our In-Stock page. 

Spike in Social Media

The furniture industry also saw an increase in the use of social media as a marketing tool. It is now commonplace to use platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Tik Tok for promotional content. This has led to many companies investing in a Social Media Manager or content creation role as a part of their regular staff. 

Need for In-Stock Products

The global supply chain issues elongated shipping times to double and even triple the amount of time that they would normally take. In other words, if you wanted an office chair, you would likely have to wait at least six weeks. For people who did not want to wait months for their office furniture, cash and carry products became significantly more appealing. Luckily, Interior Motions had an entire warehouse full of in-stock retail products that customers could peruse and take home the same day. 

Need for Flexible Workspaces

As far as workplace structure, 2021 has drastically shifted the way companies organize their offices. Hybrid models of work have decreased the need for heads-down spaces like cubicles and have increased the need for communal spaces. Employees coming into the office in 2021 were seeking opportunities to collaborate with coworkers, so furniture manufacturers had to accommodate that. Not only did office furniture have to be more conducive to collaboration, it also had to be flexible. Therefore, innovative soft seating solutions and mobile pieces were extremely popular this year. 

Photo: Herman Miller OE1

Increase in Work from Home

The implementation of hybrid work models meant that many Americans spent half or all of their time working from home. This necessitated the conversion of kitchens, closets, guest bedrooms, etc. into fully functional home offices. Thus, sit-to-stand desks and ergonomics task chairs were in high demand. 

Emphasis on Sustainability

While sustainability has always been a pertinent topic within the furniture industry, it became more important than ever in 2021. According to the Business Wire, “Globally, sustainability is rated as an important purchase criterion for 60 percent of consumers.” This means that customers in 2021 are deciding not to shop from companies that are not prioritizing sustainability. Herman Miller, a long time partner of Interior Motions, has amplified their environmental efforts with the introduction of products made from ocean-bound plastics. This marks an exciting step towards creating a more hospitable planet for everyone. 

Photo: Herman Miller

While these trends were unique to 2021, the Interior Motions team adapted with ease and helped many clients achieve optimal work environments–– both at home and in the office. We are thankful for the continuous support of our customers and cannot wait to see what 2022 has in store.

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