2023 at a Glance

Posted on January 18, 2024

As we are still adjusting to writing “2024” on our documents rather than “2023,” our team wanted to share our reflections from last year. The year 2023 was filled with many significant feats and new opportunities for our business including exciting projects, team bonding activities, community building events, and strategic expansion. Here is 2023 t a glance:


Interior Motions has proudly completed a myriad of successful projects in 2023, showcasing our commitment to transforming spaces throughout the East Bay. Some noteworthy projects include the grand opening of the Pleasanton headquarters for Unchained Labs, a long-term client of Interior Motions with whom we have completed several large-scale projects. Additionally, we established the new Ferrotec headquarters in Livermore to support their company’s rapid expansion. Lastly, we proudly completed a housing complex in Hayward for Allied Housing, an organization dedicated to providing affordable housing for individuals of all economic statuses and abilities. This project, among many others, exemplifies Interior Motions’ dedication to creating spaces that positively impact communities.

Team Bonding:

At Interior Motions, we understand the importance of a cohesive and engaged team. In 2023, we actively participated in various team bonding activities that not only strengthened professional relationships but also fostered a positive work culture. From creating planters for Earth Day, to playing jeopardy games to test our industry knowledge, to painting rocks to spread joy along trails, our team embraced opportunities for creativity and camaraderie.

Community Building:

Building strong relationships with our project partners and the Architecture & Design (A&D) community has always been a priority for Interior Motions. In 2023, we hosted a series of engaging events like painting classes, wine tasting, wreath making, and a day at the horse races. These events allowed us to connect with our partners in unique and meaningful ways. 

One standout moment was the inaugural Interior Motions Women's Event in March, where women from diverse sectors of business gathered for a forum featuring keynote speaker, Kiwobe Allaire. This event was intended to celebrate the many achievements of women in our community as well as give them a space to discuss their challenges, share helpful tips, and empower one another. 


In a strategic move to broaden our impact, Interior Motions merged with CRI. This collaboration is born out of a shared commitment to creating beautiful spaces, developing meaningful relationships with clients, and placing the human experience at the forefront of every project. Now, we are optimally positioned to execute projects at a greater scale and with expanded support. 

As we embark on a new journey in 2024, we will take with us the insights we learned from 2023 and apply them to better support our Bay Area customers. To close out the year, Dan Barnard, CEO of Interior Motions and Business Consultant for CRI, remarks:

“It has been a wonderful year of growth and innovation for Interior Motions. The merger with CRI opens up some really exciting possibilities for 2024. I'm confident that together, we'll redefine excellence in the Bay Area and continue to provide the highest caliber of customer service to our clientele.”

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