Designing a Break Room

Posted on November 15, 2022

A “break room” is rather self-explanatory–– it’s a designated room in which people can take a break from work. The tricky part is that everyone has a different way of winding down when they are off the clock. Some people want to socialize with coworkers during their break, others want to blast tunes in the privacy of their car. Some people need some mid-day fresh air and activity, others just want to sit and relax. Regardless of your breaking preferences, employees should have the option to break in a room that meets their varied needs. That is where Interior Motions comes in. 

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Why a Break Room is Important 

According to Corporate Essentials, the benefits of having a well-designed break room are numerous. A break room can foster a sense of community among coworkers, mitigate the effects of burn-out, promote a healthy lifestyle, and offer opportunities for collaboration. These outcomes and their positive effects on employee wellbeing makes investing in your break room a worthwhile endeavor. 

What Makes a Good Break Room

Photo: Herman Miller

Like we mentioned earlier, everyone has a different method of breaking. That is why a good break room is one that offers multiple settings–– so employees can choose what works for them. For example, a worker that normally sits in their car during their lunch break is most likely seeking solitude. Thus, you can include things like phone booths and secluded areas that provide privacy. Furthermore, some employees work from home most of the week and come into the office for some much-need socialization. For that reason, big lounge areas and communal tables are great furniture solutions for the break room. 

Necessary Components

While a good break room undoubtedly has a variety of furniture and settings, there are a few key elements that we see in all well-executed break rooms: natural light, indoor plants, a calming color palette, food and beverage stations, and places to eat/relax.  Now, let’s break that down. 

Natural light/Indoor plants- The idea behind incorporating more light and more plants into the office is the same: bring the outdoors inside. The Global Wellness Summit claims that creating a more natural indoor environment “could increase productivity by 15 percent” and “lower physiological stress, increase attention span and improve wellbeing.”

A calming color palette- A breakroom should provide a calming respite from the chaos of a busy work day. Believe it or not, the color of the walls have a major impact on a room’s atmosphere. Studies show that “certain hues will make us feel more energetic, or they can be calming. Some even produce feelings of aggression or depression.” In terms of the break room, blues, greens, whites, and neutral colors are all conducive to rest and relaxation. 

Food and beverage stations- You know what they say, the fastest way to a person’s heart is through their stomach! Offering a plethora of food and beverages helps employees refuel their energy for the rest of the work day. Furthermore, a well-stocked pantry often communicates to workers that they are appreciated and their efforts are being rewarded! 

Places to eat/relax- Naturally, you need a place to sit and eat during your break. We recommend a combination of high top tables, standard-height tables, and lounge areas if space permits.  

Photo: Herman Miller

We hope that these tips will help you create a break room experience that is uniquely tailored to your employees’ needs. If you would like any additional assistance along the way, Interior Motions is always happy to help with design, procurement, installation, and everything in between.

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