Cable Management

Posted on January 14, 2022

Imagine you’re designing your ideal office–– a workspace that will double your focus, triple your productivity, and catapult your wellbeing to the next level. You carefully select colors that simultaneously evoke tranquility and energy, you opt for high-performance seating and ergonomic desking, and you configure everything exactly to your liking. However, once the workspace is completed and you go to tackle your first assignment… your feet get caught in the jungle of cords and cables under your desk. That would be annoying, right? Cable management is a small but important detail that often gets overlooked when designing an office. Make sure that you do not sacrifice the efficiency or aesthetic of your office with disorganized cables. The experts at Interior Motions are here to offer you pro tips on how to manage pesky office cords.

Herman Miller DT9C

The DT9C is a tray that mounts to the underside of your desk to store and conceal cords. 

Renew Link Wire Management

The Renew Link is a fabric sleeve that groups cords together and routes them from the desk to the ground. 

Herman Miller FT19C

The FT19C is a channel that attaches to the underside of tabletops to better organize hanging cords. 

NeatLinks Cable Management by Humanscale

NeatLinks houses, routes, and protects cables and power strips.  

Herman Miller Sense Cable Basket

The Sense Cable Basket Clips to the underside of Herman Miller Sense Desks for easy cable storage. 

Herman Miller Cable Management Clip

The Cable Management Clip fastens cables to the legs of the desk to avoid hanging cords. 

Any one of these products can help transform your messy, cluttered-looking workspace into an organized hub for productivity. For other organizational products, also check out the items we have in our in-stock section.

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