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Christine Munroe

Macrame art. 

Advice for creatives

When asked about how others can cultivate creativity, Munroe said, "creativity is much like rapid flowing water; the more we try to control or command it the more frustrated we become. Allow yourself to be 'in the flow,' allow yourself to play and be curious." In other words, the more you try to force yourself into a state of creativity, the more elusive it becomes. Being in the present moment is essential to tapping into your creative energy. That is why it is so important to have a physical space that makes you want to be present and not somewhere else. 

Ideal workspace

Munroe admitted to us that she creates best in a simple but well-equipped environment. Thus, her creative space needed to be more like a “work zone,” complete with practical storage options, sit-to-stand desking, and ergonomic seating. She also favored neutral colors and organic lines reminiscent of natural elements because they bring a sense of calm to her rapidly moving fingers.

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