Create Your Own Barbie Dream House– with MillerKnoll Products

Posted on July 24, 2023

Calling all Barbie enthusiasts! Interior Motions is here to usher you into our fabulous world of furniture to help you create your very own Barbie Dream House! With the trusted quality and comfort of MillerKnoll products, you can achieve all things glitz, glam, and Barbie! 

Choose a Color Scheme

The first step in creating your Barbie Dream House is choosing the right color scheme. In true Barbie fashion, we highlighted vibrant colors, bold patterns, and eclectic combinations to spark your imagination. With that being said, your dream house should reflect your own style, so if neutral colors and minimal decor is more you, then more power to you! 

Set the tone

What is the atmosphere you want to establish in your dream house? Is it close to Barbie’s style: glamorous and fun? Or is it more sleek and modern? Whether you are looking for contemporary, quaint, or mid century modern, MillerKnoll has an expansive collection of pieces to bring your vision to life. 

Select the Perfect Pieces

Once you have decided on the color scheme and overall atmosphere you want to create, you can begin to select the appropriate furniture pieces. With so many great options from so many remarkable brands, it can feel a bit overwhelming. But don’t worry! We will help you break it down- room by room. 

Design a Chic Living Room

The living room is where Barbie entertains her friends and relaxes after a long day. That is why it’s important to select pieces for the living room that are both stylish and comfortable. A good checklist for the living room is a sleek sofa, some trendy accent chairs, a solid coffee table, and maybe some book shelves to showcase your favorite books and trinkets. Consider pieces like the Womb Chair and the Noguchi Table for a chic living room. 

Set Up a Fashionable Dining Area

Barbie loves hosting dinner parties. And you can too by designing an elegant dining area that your family and family will love! Opt for a spacious dining table, glamorous chairs, and complete the look with adorable tableware. Check out pieces like the Tulip Chair and dinnerware from Hay

Create a Glamorous Bedroom

Barbie's bedroom is her personal haven, and you can create your own personal haven with the right combination of furniture pieces. Herman Miller has high quality bed frames, nightstands, and dressers. Complete the look with plush bedding and decorative pillows. Don't forget to organize your closet to showcase your fabulous wardrobe! 

Don't forget the Home Office

Last but not least, we have the home office! We think that this is the most important room in the house because the average person spends a third of their lifetime working (how else are you going to afford your dream house??). Therefore, people deserve to have a calm, ergonomic workspace that enables them to do what it is they do best. For the home office, we recommend the iconic Herman Miller Aeron Chair to support all your sitting needs.

We hope that with these tips, you can create your own Barbie Dream House that is larger than life. Unleash your creativity, embrace Barbie's glamorous style, and let your imagination run wild! With our diverse range of furniture pieces and accessories, you can transform any space into a house fit for Barbie herself!

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