Executing a Minimalist Design

Posted on July 13, 2021

Leonardo Da Vinci once said, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Thus, it is no wonder that many high-end spaces designed to convey luxury and sophistication opt for less stuff, not more. If you are seeking a more refined and elegant aesthetic for your space, it might be time to throw at that old rug and lava lamp from the 70s and try executing a minimalist design instead. 

What is Minimalist Design?

Minimalist design strips a room down to its bare components so that the only items remaining are essential to the design or function of the space. By purging unnecessary items, one can begin to focus energy on things beyond the room (i.e. the view outside the window, the architecture of the space, the feelings evoked inside the space). This design style often helps inhabitants feel calmer and more at peace with their physical space.  

How to achieve it.

Achieving a minimalist space is not as simple as painting everything white and keeping a single chair in the living room. This can make a space feel sterile and unwelcoming. The first step to achieving a beautiful minimalist design is to get rid of unwanted items. This can be a difficult task in and of itself because many people have adopted a consumerist mindset where more is actually more. However, having a surplus of personal items can clutter your space and impede productivity. Once you have decided what not to put in your room, it is time to decide what you do want to put in your room. Select pieces of furniture that have dual purposes rather than buying multiple items that each have only one (e.g. an art piece that doubles as a bulletin board). Additionally, choose high-quality items that have clean lines, organic forms, and rich materials. These are the pieces that will elevate the space without making it feel boring. 

What colors to use. 

When it comes to minimalist design, a monochromatic color palette is best. Let the raw materials of the furniture speak for themselves and then accent them with cool grays and blues. 

What not to do. 

Do not let Amazon convince you that an extra candle holder would complete your table top or that you cannot live without that additional gold picture frame! Less really is more, which means that you should invest in quality pieces that will hold up over time rather than purchasing trendy trinquets. 

As with any interior design style, there is no exact prescription you must follow. If getting rid of 80% of your belongings seems extreme to you, just give your space a good sorting and then call it a day. Find what works for you, and then do it–– after all, you are the one living in your space. Hopefully, these tips on executing a minimalist design will help you create a space that is uniquely you. 

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