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Fernanda Martínez

Abstract acrylic paintings and murals.

Advice for creatives

Martínez suggests that creativity can be found in the same place as your passions. Thus, "pay attention to what excites you." Then, pursue those interests with a boundless curiosity and try to incorporate those passions into everything you do. Furthermore, Martínez says, "the more you use creativity, the more you produce," which makes investing in your curiosity a worthwhile endeavor. 

Ideal workspace

For Martínez, color was a vital component of her creative process. An absence of color translated to a lack of productivity, so her workspace needed to be as bold as her art. This meant selecting furniture pieces that were equally functional and visually appealing. Furthermore, Martínez’s creative process involved a lot of movement. She was constantly changing positions and working from wall to wall, so she needed furniture solutions that could move alongside her. Perhaps most important of all, was Martínez’s desire for plants in her workspace. Plants provide her with the requisite energy, life, and oxygen necessary to create nature-inspired art.

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