Five Easy Tips to Help You Decorate for Fall

Posted on September 23, 2021

September 22nd marked the arrival of the fall equinox, signaling the start of the coziest time of the year. With all of the leaves on the trees beginning to change, why can’t your interior design change alongside them? Embracing the fall season does not require a plastic pumpkin on each stair step or a cornucopia on the counter––unless that’s your thing, in which case, go for it!  There are many ways to subtly spice up your space so that it reflects the autumnal vibe while maintaining a chic and sophisticated aesthetic. Here are five easy tips to help you decorate for fall. 

1) Add Warm colors

Browns, reds, oranges, and yellows comprise the ideal fall color palette. Incorporating these hues into your existing space through various textiles and accessories will instantly make the room feel more festive. An inexpensive alternative is to swap the white light bulbs in your light fixtures for bulbs with a slightly warmer tint. This will cast a soft glow over your room and make you feel like you are residing in a cozy cabin all season long. 

2) Accessorize with Blankets

As the colors get warmer, the air outside gets colder. Thus, blankets become both a stylish, fall accessory and a functional addition to the room. Seize the opportunity to add a pop of color, pattern, or texture to your space with bold blankets. Your guests will thank you!

3) Create Festive Centerpieces

Photo: Dana Gallagher

Creating a show stopping centerpiece can be as easy as taking some branches from outside and placing them delicately in a vase. Capitalize on the season’s natural beauty by using fall foliage to accent your tables. 

4) Invest in a Great Rug

Rugs are a simple way to drastically alter the mood of a room. Consider placing a warm-toned rug in your entryway so that as soon as someone steps across your threshold, they are met with a homey feeling. 

5) Try Aromatherapy

Extensive research demonstrates the connection between smell and memory, meaning that certain smells can trigger strong emotional responses in us. Perhaps the best way to evoke a fall feeling in your space is to incorporate aromas typically associated with fall into your room. Cinamon, nutmeg, and apples are all distinctive smells that can help transport you to a relaxing, autumnal haven. 

Whether you like seasonal decorations a little or a lot, fall decor does not have to be extravagant nor expensive. It just takes a little creativity!
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