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Posted on February 14, 2022

Valentine's day is often associated with boxes of chocolates, flower arrangements, expensive dinners, etc. but Valentine’s Day is essentially all about celebrating life’s simple pleasures. We may be biased, but we think that there are few things better than an ergonomic office chair or an aesthetic lounge chair. If you are anything like us and get immense satisfaction from a well-crafted piece of furniture, please enjoy our top picks for this Valentine’s Day. 

Herman Miller Embody Gaming Chair

We would be remiss not to mention the Embody Gaming Chair on this list, as it is specifically designed to make the gaming experience more enjoyable than it already is for the 2.77 billion gamers of the world. Taking good things and making them even better is one of Herman Miller’s strengths. 

Haven Social Table with Neighborhood Lights from Watson

Why have a normal conference table when you can have a dynamic focal piece that encourages collaboration and engagement? Plus, the built-in lamps create a seamless look. 

Prism from Hightower

Prism takes flexibility and customizability to a whole new level with both its dynamic shapes and wide range of colors. 

Ever Chair and Sofa from Naughtone

Many sofas are great to look at, but few sofas are great for the environment. The Ever Chair and Sofa marks “the first upholstered product naughtone has intentionally designed for circularity and easily executable end-of-life recycling.” 

Pixel by Scandinavian Spaces

If you are looking for a way to aesthetically enhance your space while managing acoustics, Pixel is the product for you. It’s sound absorbing moss doubles as unique wall art to add visual interest to a workplace. 

Palisades II from Spacestor

Space divisions need not be clunky walls. Instead, create zones in your office with agile storage shelves that offer natural light, opportunities for collaboration, and modern design. 

If you are as passionate about furniture as we are, feel free to spend your Valentine's Day perusing our vast selection of new and used products on the in-stock tab as well as at our warehouse in Emeryville. 

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