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Posted on September 20, 2022

Herman Miller is the gold standard of ergonomic office products for a reason––their wide selection of high-performance task chairs, backed by the Herman Miller 12-year warranty, guarantees optimal comfort and style. With so many great options to choose from, the question is not “which chair is best?” but rather, “which chair is best for you?” Therefore, Interior Motions has broken down some of the most popular Herman Miller office chairs by appearance, ergonomics, price, and sustainability.

Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Photo: Herman Miller

Appearance: The Aeron Chair’s signature rounded back and mesh seat are key features of its simple yet effective design. Furthermore, it comes in numerous shades of white, gray, and black as well as several different sizes. 

Ergonomics: Since its debut in 1994, the Aeron Chair has been recognized as the benchmark for ergonomic seating. This can be attributed to its smarter weight distribution through 8Z Pellicle, adjustable PostureFit SL for total spinal support, and balanced recline and natural movement thanks to Harmonic 2 Tilt.

Price: With the Aeron Chair, you get what you pay for, meaning that it definitely falls on the higher end of the price spectrum. If you are working from home, purchasing one Aeron Chair could be a worthwhile investment, however, equipping an entire office building with Aeron Chairs is definitely going to cost a pretty penny. 

Sustainability: Aeron Chairs were originally designed with sustainability in mind. Today, Aeron is composed of more than 50 percent recycled material, including ocean-bound plastics. The addition of ocean-bound plastics is helping divert more than 150 metric tons of plastic from the ecosystem every year, making the Aeron Chair good for your body and for the environment.

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Herman Miller Embody Chair

Photo: Herman Miller

Appearance: The Embody Chair has a uniquely futuristic aesthetic with its detailed, narrow seat back. However, its wide range of color options allows for a completely customizable look.  

Ergonomics: During the design stages of the Embody Chair, “more than 20 physicians and PhDs in the fields of biomechanics, vision, physical therapy, and ergonomics contributed their expertise to help guide the development of this chair.” As you can imagine the result was a supremely ergonomic chair that regulates pressure distribution, supports natural alignment, and promotes healthy movement throughout the day.

Price: As one of Herman Miller’s best selling chairs, the Embody Chair also sports a slightly higher price tag. However, with its advanced ergonomic capabilities, can you really put a price tag on physical health? 

Sustainability: The Embody Chair in particular is not recognized for its sustainability, however, MillerKnoll as a company prioritizes sustainable practices and environmental transparency in all their products. Sustainability information on every product is available to the public through their sustainability site Ecomedes. 

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Herman Miller Sayl Chair

Photo: Herman Miller

Appearance: The Herman Miller Sayl Chair is inspired by the beautiful arches of the Golden Gate Bridge. It has a unique silhouette in a petite frame, making it great for smaller-sized offices. Plus it comes in a variety of colors so you can add a nice pop to your space. 

Ergonomics: The Golden-Gate-esque elastomer strands on the Sayl Chair’s back are not just beautiful but highly ergonomic. The flexible strands are stretched to provide the greatest tension where support is needed and less in areas that benefit from a greater range of motion. It also offers Harmonic Tilt technology, a balancing mechanism that keeps users stable throughout the day. 

Price: The smaller frame of the Sayl Chair thankfully lends itself to a smaller budget. It is a great and affordable task chair option. 

Sustainability: The Sayl Chair is made with absolutely no PVCs (polyvinyl chloride, a synthetic plastic polymer) which makes Sayl up to 90% recyclable at the end of its long life. Win win!

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Herman Miller Cosm Chair

Photo: Herman Miller

Appearance: Appearance is where the Cosm Chair really shines. Its intuitive design translates to a sleek, fluid, minimalist silhouette. Best of all, it comes “dipped in color,” meaning that you can get the same color for the frame and seat mesh. The result is a striking, monochromatic statement. 

Ergonomics: Like I mentioned earlier, Cosm was designed to be intuitive rather than highly adjustable. In other words, you won’t find very many levers or knobs on the chair because the chair responds to, and supports, your body, movement, and posture automatically. In this way, it's ergonomic without the manual work. 

Price: Depending on the configuration, the Cosm can be more affordable than both its counterparts– the Embody and Aeron. 

Sustainability: Sustainability is not one of the major selling points of Cosm, but that does not mean it's bad for the environment. You can see its material breakdown and environmental overview on Ecomedes. 

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Herman Miller Zeph Chair

Photo: Herman Miller

Appearance: Zeph is the newest brainchild from Herman Miller, and it was intended to live at the intersection of midcentury modern aesthetics and science-backed ergonomics. Its small, versatile frame can be customized with upholstery and utilized in both the home and office. 

Ergonomics: Don’t let Zeph’s size fool you. The shape of the chair features an innovative kinematic mono-shell that provides complete support without needing any user adjustments.

Price: Zeph is Herman Miller’s most affordable task-chair to date. It’s the perfect solution if you need an especially cost-effective task chair. 

Sustainability: Zeph is in line with all of Herman Miller’s environmental standards, plus the knit cover is made from 50% recycled fibers and is 3D-knit so there's zero waste.

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Hopefully, this article helps you determine which Herman Miller task chair is right for you. And don’t forget to stop by our Emeryville Warehouse to see our vast collection of pre-owned Herman Miller products for even more affordable options!

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