How Interior Motions is Adapting

Posted on March 30, 2021

For decades, Interior Motions has prioritized customer service above all else. However, the needs of our clients today look a lot different than the needs of our clients back in 1998. Thus, in order to continue to provide customers with the high quality of service, we have had to adapt our practices and rethink our strategies. Here is how Interior Motions is adapting:

Ensuring Covid-friendly Service

Most urgently, Interior Motions had to adapt to the Coronavirus outbreak in March 2020. Given the fact that a majority of our services necessitate in-person consultations and installs, Covid-19 presented a great challenge to our business. Thanks to our team’s diligence and dedication, we found ways to continue our services without jeopardizing the safety of ourselves or others. Some of those practices included having employees work from home, offering clients access to the warehouse via appointments, equipping all facilities with hand sanitizer and the requisite health products, and tackling the install process in shifts to limit the number of employees in the building. Though it is not an ideal situation, Interior Motions President Jennifer Burton says, “I do not think Covid-19 has affected our ability to design great spaces. It is all about asking the clients enough questions to understand their needs, their concerns, and their preferences.” 

Launching a New Website

In the technological age, a business’ online presence is almost equally as important as their personal presence. That is why we wanted to launch a new website that was more representative of our values, ambitions, and capabilities. Now, users can book with us online, review past projects, check out client testimonials, and meet our team. To check out more tips on how you can build a quality company website, click here.

Offering a Rewards Program

Though Interior Motions is adapting, the one that has not wavered has been our commitment to our customers. To demonstrate just how much we value them, we implemented a rewards program in which customers have the opportunity to receive quarterly prizes. To become a member of the rewards program, make a purchase either in our warehouse or from our in-stock section, fill out this short survey, and subscribe to our newsletter. This is just a small token of our appreciation to our loyal clientele. 

Implementing a Wellness Program 

At Interior Motions, our employees are like family. And like a family, we want to push each other to be the best versions of ourselves. That was the motivation behind implementing a wellness program that encouraged our hardworking employees to prioritize their physical, mental, and emotional health. 

Promoting Diversity and Inclusivity 

Creating an equitable and inclusive space for all is at the forefront of all of our efforts. We are striving to enact positive change in society, both through the types of spaces we design and through the way we train and engage with our team.

With these new initiatives, we are proud to say that Interior Motions is adapting, growing, and evolving. For more updates about what our company is doing, subscribe to our newsletter by clicking here.

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