How to Clarify Your Vision for Your Space

Posted on October 6, 2021

Imagine searching for something, but you don’t know what that something is. Chances are, you will have a hard time finding it. The same rule applies to interior design. It is extremely difficult to execute a polished, functional space that matches your aesthetic without having a clear vision for the design. Since a formalized plan is essential to the renovation process, Interior Motions is providing you with tips on how to clarify your vision for your space. 

Ask yourself: what is the function of this space?

While a kitchen may be beautifully designed, visually interesting, and envy worthy, if you cannot cook food in it, it is not a very good kitchen. A successful design should take into account the space’s intended purpose, and find unique ways to fulfill it. Thus, ask yourself what you need to do in your space on a daily basis and ensure that your design addresses that need. 

Create a mood board

Interior design is a highly visual process, so having a visual representation of your ideal space can be a helpful guide. Try cutting out elements you like from magazines and pasting them into collages. This will also allow you to see how different pieces interact with one another before making any final purchases. 

Make a “must have” list 

Lists are a great way to organize your thoughts during the renovation process. It is easy to get distracted by eye-catching furniture and unnecessary accessories, but a “must have” list will ensure that you acquire the essentials needed to complete your space–– everything else is just bonus pieces. 

Get specific

For people outside of the design industry, discussing aspects of interior design can be like trying to speak a foreign language. Challenge yourself to look at images and get specific about what you do and don’t like. For example, don’t just say that you like a particular chair. Note the color, texture, form, size, etc. of the chair. Practicing communicating your preferences in this way will help you convey your vision to the people assisting you with your project. 

Take Style Quizzes

There are hundreds of interior design styles and an infinite number of style combinations. Try taking style quizzes, like this one and this one, which help you identify your favorite style. Determining which interior design style most aligns with your vision will equip you with the requisite inspiration and terminology to guide your item search. 

These are all steps that can help you pick an interior design destination and ensure that your road trip to that destination is as quick and efficient as possible. As always, Interior Motions is here to help you navigate the road map.

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