Get creative furniture, designed to evoke creativity, endorsed by creatives. 

Why is creativity necessary?

Creativity in the corporate world is arguably the single most important quality for driving progress. CEOs in a recent study claimed that "creativity is the #1 factor for future success.” Without creativity, companies stay stagnant in their services, products, and attitudes. 

What is creativity?

While creativity is undeniably important, it is often difficult to define and even more difficult to attain. So let’s break it down… Critical thinking, technical skills, and motivation are the three key ingredients to creativity.  Critical thinking and technical skills without motivation is just inaction, motivation and technical skills without critical thinking is perpetuating the status quo, and critical thinking and motivation without technical skills is unfulfilled potential. Each component is just as essential as the next. 

How can furniture help?

What if we told you that becoming more creative was as easy as redesigning your space? "How can my space make me more creative?" you might ask. While, your space cannot provide you with the technical knowledge required for a task, nor supply you with the critical thinking skills to troubleshoot a problem, it can increase the motivation you have to accomplish the aforementioned items. 

It may seem improbable that a physical space can influence a person’s psychology, but it is a well-studied fact that humans are extremely susceptible to factors from their environments. Thus, the IM Creative Campaign is intended to help you establish an environment that will make you more creative in your respective field of work. To do that, we partnered up with experts on creativity...creatives.

Meet the Creatives Behind the Im Creative Campaign

Strider Patton

Strider Patton is a contemporary artist and sculptor residing in the Bay Area. Wood, steel, LEDs, and living plants are some of the many materials he leverages in his artworks, which range from multi-story murals to three dimensional installations. His pieces explore complex concepts such as consciousness, connection, energy, and space with a careful attention to the ways in which art triggers emotions. His unique style has garnered him business from reputable companies like Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn. 

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Delicate florals and pastel color palettes are the signature elements of watercolor painter Tracy Truong––better known as her instagram handle, Traces of Water. Truong is a part-time artist and full-time fourth grade teacher, which means that most of her limited free time is spent practicing her brush strokes. 

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You could say Christine Munroe is a hands-on artist given that her primary tools are her two bare hands. Her delicate fingers have the ability to weave elaborate Celtic and Chinese Knots to create stunning, modern macrame art pieces. Prior to becoming a full-time artist, Munroe lived on a farm in Rhode Island, tending to agriculture and livestock. This background instilled in her a strong work ethic and clever resourcefulness, which has served her well as an artist in the Bay Area.

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If you see a colorful mural with bold, abstract shapes lining the walls of a Bay Area building, it probably belongs to Fernanda Martínez. Martínez is an intuitive painter who allows her feelings to determine the direction of each art piece, which has resulted in her unique and expressive body of work. Through acrylic and gouache paint, she explores her relationship with nature and her connection with herself. 

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