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Modernize Your Workspace With Office Lighting, Monitor Mounts & More

Interior Motions has everything you need to create an office space that maximizes efficiency and comfort. Several well-chosen, high-tech accessories, including stylish office lighting and functional monitor mounts, put the polishing details on your workspace. Our design team provides the San Francisco Bay Area with expert-procured office accessories that make a big difference in how well you make use of your office space.

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Office Accessories to Enhance Productivity & Style

We offer our Bay Area clients practical, budget-friendly accessories that maximize their workspace, including:
White Boards
Whether you prefer the traditional look of a whiteboard or the colorful and ultra-modern Clarus glassboards, these surfaces are perfect for presentations, not to mention easy-to-clean and maintain.
Monitor Mounts
A monitor mount lifts laptops and screens up from the desk to reduce neck strain and provide greater ergonomic support. Once you’ve converted to working with multiple, strategically-positioned monitors, you’ll never want to work any other way.
Keyboard Trays
Keyboard trays aid in preventing carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis. When used in combination with fixed or adjustable height desks, keyboard trays become an indispensable part of an ergonomic workstation.
Custom Signage
Label rooms with titles, numbers, personnel names, and vacancy status to improve navigation. We also custom-design workplace signs for branding, inspiration, and aesthetically pleasing decoration as well.
Outdoor Furniture
Patio areas are trending as business moves outdoors, weather-permitting. Breaking away from a traditional breakroom to a custom outdoor space can modernize the look and feel of an office.
Office Lighting
Task lighting illuminates desk space and provides focused light to reduce eye strain and improve visibility while reading. Herman Miller LEDs offer the right level of brightness for any space, with great energy efficiency and built-in shutoff.

Reach Out & Let Our Team Help You Find the Perfect Office Accessories

It can be difficult to find sturdy, ergonomic accessories that fit your style and budget requirements. The Interior Motions team can help you choose from our wide variety of products, including task-oriented office lighting and VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) compliant monitor mounts. We are committed to building a satisfying work environment, whether it is a college campus, medical facility, corporate headquarters, call center, home office, or artist’s studio.

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If you are looking for office lighting solutions or monitor mounts in San Francisco, reach out to Interior Motions at or by phone at 510-653-6100. You may also stop by our showroom during normal business hours or arrange a one-to-one consultation in our Emeryville office.
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