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Custom Office Furniture in the San Francisco Bay Area

The San Francisco Bay Area is home to bold changemakers. A one-size-fits-all approach to office design and furnishing simply won’t suffice. Interior Motions is a future-oriented company that builds beautiful workspaces you’ll love today and tomorrow. Maybe you’re in the market for a huge renovation project or perhaps you just need that one perfect, custom office desk. Either way, we’re happy to assist.

There are many reasons to consider custom office furniture:

  • To achieve a particular design aesthetic that fits in line with your culture and vision.
  • To get a sophisticated, upscale corporate look on a tight budget.
  • To enable proper ergonomics for the health, safety and wellness of staff.
  • To unify different rooms under common design themes for better all-around flow.
  • To create innovative storage and functional solutions without having to relocate.

Built-to-Order Product FAQs

We understand that trusting us with your custom furniture design is a big commitment, which is why we’ve answered the most commonly asked questions our clients have about custom office furniture:
  • What types of office furniture can be customized?
    We can customize anything! Custom office desks, chairs, workstations, booths and lounge furniture, tables, storage cabinets, and signage are our most popular requests.

  • What aspects of office furniture do you customize?
    We represent hundreds of manufacturers with thousands of products and options to give you the custom look you want at "off-the-shelf" pricing. If we can't find it for you, we will custom build it.

  • Do you design the product or do we?
    You can come to us with photographs, sketches, or exact visions in mind—or we can provide inspiration for your consideration. We also offer catalogs with product and pricing options and can create floor plans, 3D renders, and VR walkthroughs as needed.

  • How does the custom furniture process work?
    We aim to make this process fun and painless. Generally, we meet with the client, define the scope of work, and present a proposal for design services. To help you make your decision, we produce visual aids so you can visualize the furniture in your space. We then implement your custom design project with attentiveness to detail, schedule, and budget.

  • How fast is shipping on custom office furniture?
    Most products are built-to-order with varying production times, although some manufacturers also offer quick-ship programs on commonly customized pieces. Lead times vary from one week to 16 weeks, depending on the manufacturer and level of complexity. We’ll let you know what to expect every step of the way. If time is of the essence, let us know from the outset of the project and we’ll accommodate your schedule.

  • What size order can you handle?
    We’ve done it all—from one affordable piece of furniture in a home office to large-scale commercial projects involving thousands of items filling a multi-level building. Our team values all business and treats every request with the utmost respect.

Reach Out to Discuss Your Custom Office Furniture Needs

The Interior Motions team loves to discuss custom furniture designs. Fill out the form below to begin discussing your custom office desk or other custom office furniture requests. You may also call 510-653-6100, email, or stop by our showroom from 9-5, M-F.

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