New & Used Reception Furniture

Reception Furniture That Makes a Great First Impression

Reception furniture is the ideal place to showcase creativity, bold design, and reflect the values of your company. The experts at Interior Motions can help you find reception furniture that reflects your brand, and provides comfortable and durable products for your employees and guests. On a budget? No problem! A used reception desk and used reception chairs can look just as stunning at a fraction of the price.

We Help You Select the Best Reception Desks & Chairs

A good reception area will immediately welcome guests, assuring their comfort in the space. While a reception area must be tranquil enough for visitors, it must also be abuzz with a life of its own to keep staff energized and productive every day. Interior Motions not only assists with these stylistic decisions, but we also make sure to consider all the practical points to ensure your space is as functional as it is fashionable.

During your time with us, here are just a few of the things our team will work with you on:

Is there sufficient seating? Prevent uncomfortable, unhappy visitors by creating enough seating space for everyone.
Does the layout allow each person to have a comfortable amount of personal space? Ensure a natural, pleasing flow to your reception area by working with our designers to create a layout that makes sense for the space.
Are the furniture fabrics easy to clean and maintain? Avoid unnecessary hassle later by choosing furniture fabrics that are easy to clean and maintain.
We believe the process of designing a reception area should be fun and exciting. As your local, Bay Area expert in reception furniture and design, our team will take you through many options and to see what’s trending.
Interior Motions is proud to be one of the Bay Area’s only authorized Herman Miller dealers, in addition to offering reception furniture by Allermuir, Creative Wood, DFM, Woodtech, Deskmakers, OFS, Stylex, Zuo Modern, and more. If you don’t find something you like, we can make a custom design for you.
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Make Affordable Office Updates with Used Reception Desks & Chairs

We work hard to build quality relationships with furniture vendors so we can confidently blend product solutions to meet any price point. We also maintain relationships with our past clients, offering resale service for businesses as they shift in size, relocate, or change styles. A used reception desk or used reception chairs can be just as exquisite, at a fraction of the price. Our team assures your satisfaction by providing cleaning, reupholstering, repair, and resale services that will suit your evolving needs in the future.

Reach Out to See What’s Possible for Your Reception Area

A reception area is a vital space to inject personality and make an introductory statement about your company. Whether you wish to project that you’re an elegant, world-class business or a spirited, unconventional startup, Interior Motions can help you design the perfect reception space.

Need a new or used reception desk or chair? Discuss reception furniture with our team by filling out the form below, emailing, or calling 510-653-6100. You may also stop by our showroom during normal business hours or arrange a one-to-one consultation in our Emeryville office.

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