Allied Housing is a company that provides affordable housing options for residents of all incomes and abilities. Their mission is to end homelessness and offer secure, stable, and supportive housing for all. Interior Motions wanted to help Allied Housing accomplish their mission by furnishing their new housing facility in Hayward. We worked alongside Lowney Architecture to make 2595 Depot Road into a beautiful, new home.
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Our Challenge:

The main objective of this project was to create an inviting look and feel within the space while staying within budget. Style, comfort, durability, and cleanability were all things that our team had to consider.

Our Solution:

The architects from Lowney selected the key furniture pieces for the complex from manufacturers with robust warranties. This ensured that the furniture would withstand the test of time. Additionally, each floor of the complex highlights a different color palette, giving Allied Housing a unique and vibrant aesthetic.

The Outcome:

The end result is a beautiful and welcoming new housing complex. The reception area features stunning architectural elements on the walls and ceiling, ushering residents into the building. The individual rooms feel spacious and warm while the communal areas are colorful and lively. We hope this new facility makes hundreds of residents feel at home.

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