With its national footprint, Berkeley Partners is one of the leading institutional industrial operators and fund managers. Their efforts are exclusively focused on light industrial real estate, which is an institutionally underserved market despite the fact that light industrial real estate comprises 3~4 billion square feet. Berkeley Partners’ dedicated team members needed a modern, sophisticated new office space that would serve as a calming respite for their busy work schedules. Interior Motions helped them pick out an appropriate color scheme, functional layout, and luxurious furnishings.
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Our Challenge:

Like many fast-paced companies, Berkeley Partners wanted to be in their renovated space as quickly as possible to resume business. However, they did not want to sacrifice the quality or aesthetics of any products. They wanted premier pieces that would compliment the space, improve office efficiency, and ––most importantly––not obstruct their panoramic views of Downtown Oakland.

Our Solution:

Interior Motions suggested a sophisticated color palette of varying gray tones and deep navy blues. We then opted for modern workstations with fitted privacy panels and ergonomic Embody Chairs. The conference rooms were outfitted with navy blue Cosm Chairs to maintain the light and airy feel that the floor-to-ceiling windows created. Lastly, we provided durable soft seating pieces that divided the room while offering employees multiple work settings.

The Outcome:

With such beautiful architecture to begin with, it was easy to make the space look good. However, our careful consideration and furniture selection took the workplace to the next level. Now, Berkeley Partners has an equally functional and beautiful new space in which their employees can relax and thrive.

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