Like their name indicates, The Breakthrough Institute promotes breakthrough technological solutions to environmental and human development issues. As a global research center, their work focuses on establishing harmony between people and the environment.
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Our Challenge:

Breakthrough Institute produces groundbreaking solutions, but they were about to break through their small office space. While the space had great architectural features and window lines, the limited real estate left them feeling crammed and overcrowded. Additionally, the Breakthrough Institute needed to accomplish this project on a tight budget.

Our Solution:

The Interior Motions team came up with innovative layouts to organize their workstations and maximize their square footage. Once the drawing of the layout was complete, we sought out products from a variety of manufacturers to fill their space without breaking the bank. Luckily, we were able to source some of the furniture from the Interior Motions used furniture outlet, which dramatically reduced the cost of the overall project.

The Outcome:

The end result was a stunning space with pops of bright blue to add a cheerful energy to the Breakthrough Institute office. The low workstations do not interfere with the windows allowing the gorgeous Berkeley views to be seen from anywhere in the office. Plus, each workstation is equipped with personal storage which gives employees ample desk space. Interior Motions and Breakthrough Institute were thrilled to see the tiny space become a spacious hub for productivity.

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