Colliers is a top professional services and investment management company that has approximately 15,000 employees. With their knowledgeable property experts, dedicated customer service, and cutting-edge research, it is no wonder that Colliers has over 400 offices worldwide. However, their Oakland office in particular was due for a renovation. They requested to have Interior Motions come in to unify and reorganize their space.
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Our Challenge:

Prior to Interior Motions’ arrival, an assortment of mismatched furniture and disjointed departments comprised the space. Collier’s wanted to maintain the employees’ individual design aesthetic in their work stations while determining a way to make the office feel cohesive. Additionally, Interior Motions needed to rethink the company’s floor plan so that it made sense not only to the departments, but to the clients as well.

Our Solution:

Interior Motions worked closely alongside the Colliers to ensure that each employee’s voice was heard. We also held meetings to strategize which layout would be the most conducive to collaboration across departments. Once the preliminary discussions with the client were conducted, Interior Motions was able to add sophisticated pieces and inviting colors to elevate the space.

The Outcome:

Thanks to the thorough consultations with the client to identify their needs, Interior Motions produced a space that not only met Collier’s expectations, it surpassed them. The new layout reduced office traffic and encouraged department collaboration. Meanwhile, the sophisticated design welcomed clients into the new, cohesive space.

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