Vascular disease is an extremely complex illness, and the treatment for it is constantly evolving. Expanse Medical is committed to developing, manufacturing, and distributing advanced therapeutic solutions to treat vascular disease and address unmet clinical needs. Since its founding in 2005, Expanse Medical has worked with leading engineers and global thought leaders to offer physicians new and differentiated devices.
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Our Challenge:

The difficult and important work that Expanse Medical executes on a daily basis had worn down their office space. Their carpets were deteriorating and gray, their walls were dull and damaged, and their workstations needed an update. Additionally, the project needed to be completed on a tight schedule and budget.

Our Solution:

Interior Motions helped guide Expanse Medical through the difficult choices of determining a new carpet, a new paint color, and new furniture pieces. Once those were decided, the Interior Motions team had to get creative on the scheduling of the project to ensure that none of the phases interfered with one another. The furniture could not be installed until the new carpet was situated, and we had to be careful to not get paint on any furniture.

The Outcome:

It is amazing what new carpet and a fresh coat of paint can do. The vibrant walls and floor coupled with the new furniture made Expanse Medical feel significantly more inviting and energetic. We also installed privacy walls that doubled as covers for the bathroom entrances as well as decorative art pieces. The end result was a happy client and a beautiful space.

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