As a leading competitor in the food industry, Foster Farms built their success on their commitment to “be simply better.” This means raising only the highest quality chickens and producing only the healthiest options for consumers. These practices have garnered them the status of one of the most trusted poultry companies in the Western United States. Because of Foster Farm’s commitment to being better, they recognized that their marketing department offices were not the best that they could be. Thus, they recruited Interior Motions to design a more functional and synergetic space.
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Our Challenge:

The main obstacle that prevented the space from becoming the best office it could be was the absence of collaborative areas that sparked creativity. A typical marketing department has a constant flow of ideas, exchanges, consultations––and Foster Farm’s marketing department was no different. It was up to Interior Motions to reimagine the existing space so that it was more conducive to team projects, while maintaining their strong company identity.

Our Solution:

Interior Motions found a furniture solution that optimized the space and allowed for the marketing team to come together more efficiently. We provided spacious conference tables, comfortable workstations, and multifunctional furniture pieces. We also incorporated the company’s branded signage and warm wood tones to emulate the inviting nature or their company culture. In doing so, the Foster Farm identity was intact, but the marketing department had a new space that sparked creativity.

The Outcome:

As a result of the renovation, Foster Farms achieved their endeavor to “be simply better.” The office was spacious, welcoming, and sophisticated. The employees felt more equipped to accomplish their tasks in a space that was now representative of the company’s commitment to excellence. The project was so successful that we also serviced their Bishop branch location.

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