Lending Club is a San Francisco Bay Area startup offering peer-to-peer lending for credit-worthy borrowers and savvy investors. Interior Motions began working with the organization in 2013, just after Forbes named Lending Club one of “America’s Most Promising Companies.” Since then, we have completed numerous office updates and maintenance projects for them, ensuring that their growing team always has what they to succeed. That is why we were thrilled when Lending Club approached us about servicing their new location in Boston. In collaboration with the innovative minds from Brereton Architects, we were able to create a beautiful space where Lending Club employees could thrive.
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Our Challenge:

The primary challenge of this project was creating a cohesive design in a building that was 3,119 miles away. However, thanks to modern technology, we were able to brainstorm configurations, new products, and fabric selections via video calls.

Our Solution:

Firstly, Interior Motions took inventory of the furniture stored in the San Francisco office and identified which pieces could be used in the Boston location. Secondly, we developed “look books” intended to help Lending Club visualize their new workplace design. Lastly, we conducted a series of in-person meetings to finalize the sample selections and demo the proposed furniture, which gave Lending Club the confidence to move forward.

The Outcome:

With the help of Brereton Architects, we were able to create an office that is unique yet consistent with the Lending Club brand. The new and used furniture blend was cohesive and cost-effective for the client. We are excited to continue our long-term partnership with Lending Club on future projects.

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