Nancy Friend Pritzker Psychiatry Building


The University of California, San Francisco medical facilities have a long standing reputation for excellence in both care and research. Their new building, the Nancy Friend Pritzker Psychiatry Building, is no exception. When they began the process of furnishing this newly constructed, 5-story building, they sought to revolutionize the way patients experienced healthcare. It is now "among the first [buildings] in the nation to incorporate world-class mental and physical health services, interdisciplinary academics, and pioneering research" (UCSF).
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Our Challenge:

The Nancy Friend Pritzker Psychiatry Building was expected to receive a lot of foot traffic, so the furniture needs to be both functional and durable. Furthermore, the furniture would have to accommodate people of all ages given that the patients would range from infancy to adulthood. Above all, the furniture had to be inviting to everyone–– whether you are a parent waiting in the lobby, a child receiving care, or a medical practitioner going to work. Therefore, Interior Motions had a tall task in front of them.

Our Solution:

Interior Motions challenged the idea of what healthcare furniture should look like. We did not shy away from playful patterns and bright colors like red, orange, green, and blue. Instead, we identified the specific needs of each floor of the building and assigned a color palette that best reflected that. For example, the first floor would primarily service young children, so we opted for pops of red and orange to stimulate young minds. Additionally, we ensured that the furniture on the first floor would be accessible to young patients by furnishing it with soft items, low to the ground. The same careful consideration was applied to each of the 5 floors, creating a simultaneously unique and cohesive feel.

The Outcome:

With the completion of this 6-year project, generations of patients and healthcare providers will be able to experience the difference high-quality furniture can make.


I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Interior Motions on UCSF CTFC furniture package.  It was a large and complex project and furniture had to accommodate a wide range of users, ages and functions. Lisa was extremely attentive, supportive and communicative throughout the process, not just with the interior designers and architects but also with the client.  We couldn’t have done it without Lisa and Interior Motions.

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