With 100 offices in 15 countries around the world, Avison Young is a global real estate advisor employing more than 5,000 professionals. Better than anyone, Avison Young understands that commercial real estate isn’t just about square footage; it’s about making an impact, improving lives, and helping local communities thrive. It is their belief, and ours, that the right piece of real estate, designed in the right way, can help people be more “productive, prosperous, and positive.” Though they are headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Avison Young wanted their local San Francisco Bay Area office to convey a similar, sophisticated-yet-approachable vibe that aligned with their local surroundings. We were happy to collaborate with Acosta & Sons, DIALOG Design, and Source Construction to make Avison Young’s vision come to life.
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Our Challenge:

Avison Young wanted their new San Francisco Bay Area office to convey a high-end, sophisticated design and feel; but, like most rapidly growing companies, they needed to complete the project on a tight budget. Avison Young differentiates itself by going the extra mile and creating great value for their clients, and we wanted to do the same for them.

Our Solution:

We coordinated with design partners to help Avison Young develop a corporate identity standard for their new space, repositioning the San Francisco Bay Area office as an experience hub that welcomed guests, showcased their hospitality, and exuded professionalism. The panoramic views of the San Francisco Bay naturally filled the cafe and main entry with sunbeams, which allowed us to be more creative with high-level hanging light fixtures that highlighted the complex ceiling geometry and exposed beams. We also added blue rugs and light olive art installations that reflected the natural light. Furniture was modern and minimalist, in bold blue, crisp white, and muted red. We arranged a comfortable gathering space for employees in the kitchen and bar area, as well as clean, distraction-free conference zones.

The Outcome:

The real challenge in high-end office remodels is not so much in procuring beautiful, durable office furniture, but in doing so within a reasonable budget. Interior Motions used value-engineered solutions to save the client hundreds of thousands of dollars while maintaining the original design intent for the space.

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