When we first met with Aduro Biotech, they were a fast-paced, fast-growing company making proprietary technology platforms that harnessed the natural healing power of the human immune system. They merged with Chinook Therapeutics in 2020 to become a publicly-traded company focusing on the development of precision medicines to treat end-stage kidney disease. Their therapies target individuals with rare, severe kidney disorders that respond to very few currently approved treatments. Like many changemakers in the Bay Area, Aduro Biotech has a refreshing culture and leadership mindset aimed at inspiring employees to reach their full potential. Their team works with intensity, enjoys collaboration, and thrives on the impact they are making. After discussing the client’s office interior design needs, our Interior Motions team knew we needed to create a vibrant, unique design to match their exceptional company.
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Our Challenge:

The client emphasized their desire for a creative, customized design—it was important to them that their space look completely original. They also wished to incorporate whimsical elements so employees could feel that they were in a space that was a contrast from the seriousness of their work. Their large office encompassed many different types of places for collaborative work, downtime, phone work, and research.

Our Solution:

We partnered with a manufacturer to create steel, one-of-a-kind workstation panels that provided semi-privacy and a professional aesthetic. We outfitted conference rooms with long tables and ergonomic Herman Miller chairs. Meeting and dining spaces were streamlined with coordinating furniture. We found rugs that each employee could customize to their own preferences to individualize their workspace and add a more personal, creative feel.

The Outcome:

We designed a variety of functional, comfortable, and unique spaces. The custom cubicles are where much of the magic of their business takes place, but we also installed small, colorful group nooks for intimate group collaborations. We installed lounges with colorful artwork and unique seating. Employees can now dine at small group tables, long benches next to flatscreens, or get some fresh air on outdoor patio tables. The client and their employees were happy with the look, feel, and customization of the space. Interior Motions approaches each office interior design project as a brand-new experience. Just as we took into account Aduro’s big-picture goals and their specific intentions for the function and tone of employees’ workspaces, we develop design plans from scratch to suit our client’s needs and wants.

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