Aero Precision provides world-class, tailored solutions to help the military maintain its fleet at peak potential. They offer cost-effective solutions for avionics and armor upgrades, structural modifications, new systems integration, rotable pools, kitting, and testing. Aero Precision asked Interior Motions to help update their office interior design for a new headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area. They wanted their new space to provide a world-class environment for employees that reflected their focus on customers and compliance.
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Our Challenge:

Aero Precision had invested in their furnishings in 1993, then later added mix-match furniture to accommodate periods of growth. After nearly 30 years of expansion, they felt the office was incohesive and did not represent their company culture. Branding was very important to this client and they needed surroundings that would be unified, practical, and indicative of a dominant global player in their field.

Our Solution:

Interior Motions worked hard to create a well-thought-out layout that included private offices, heads-down space, and collaborative team environments. Through interviews with employees, our team helped determine the best positioning for each department. Furniture was carefully selected for flexibility to suit future additions, moves, and changes. We also worked to blend existing furniture with new additions, keeping costs down while maintaining a cohesive look.

The Outcome:

The final result was a beautiful, flexible office interior design that represented the company’s values and culture while allowing them to grow and adapt with ease. The contrasting black-and-white lobby makes an immediate standout impression, while neutral tones mixed with splashes of color tie the various workspaces together throughout the complex. The main working floor features stark white walls and desks with storage, juxtaposed against a slate gray ceiling, cubicles, and geometric patterned carpeting for a sophisticated look. Every once in a while, a subtle pop of blue appears to add a creative energy to the streamlined space.


When we set out to select a furniture vendor to help with our office move, we were referred to Interior Motions, and we are SO glad we went with them! Jennifer and her team of professionals handled our every request with care and attention, and we ended up with a beautiful new space that would not have been possible without them. Interior Motions is a big reason why our employees and visitors are so impressed with our new office. I am happy to refer them to anyone looking to work with professional furniture specialists who have just as high of an expectation as their clients do!

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