GILLIG is the leading manufacturer of heavy-duty transit buses in the United States. From the initial design through final assembly, each GILLIG bus is built entirely by dedicated workers in Livermore, California. GILLIG buses are known for their unmatched durability, earning them a reputation as the lowest-cost buses to maintain and operate. In March 2017, Interior Motions and Ware Malcomb teamed up to provide Gillig a great new space. Our team was excited to get to work to create a design that would withstand the test of time and solve the unique challenges GILLIG faced.
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Our Challenge:

GILLIG wanted their office interior design to communicate company values and tell their brand story. They also wanted a functional, flexible office layout, including a huge conference table that could also be mobile. Like many sprawling offices, their space had become disjointed and limited in function. Our team knew we could create a more dynamic, comfortable work environment that better served the company’s needs. As we were working out the solution, inclement weather and a terribly muddy parking lot were surprise obstacles we had to overcome.

Our Solution:

After interviewing each department to determine their space needs, we built group spaces and implemented space-saving organizational systems that eliminated the need for 50 filing cabinets. GILLIG especially loved the custom mobile conference table that looked and functioned great. When days of pouring rain threatened our ability to adhere to the original project schedule, we constructed a special platform and staircase to deliver furniture over the mud, at no extra cost to the client.

The Outcome:

Thanks to the joint effort between ourselves and Ware Malcomb, we completed the project on-time and on-budget, resulting in measurable office productivity increases and a happy client. When you walk into GILLIG’s reimagined space, you feel like you understand what they stand for as a company. Not only is their new space stylish and practical, but the flexible layout creates the feeling of more space.


We are thrilled with how our new office space turned out. Jennifer and Alison at Interior Motions made the process easy and seamless. They are on top of industry trends -- and, unlike many, they lived up to all their promises and stayed on track with deadlines. They were great partners I would absolutely work with again.

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