Purigen Biosystems is a cutting-edge company that greatly expedites the process of separating, quantifying, and purifying nucleic acids from complex biological samples by using the isotachophoresis technique. The company had just purchased unfinished space in Pleasanton, CA. This project found our team working alongside the construction team and architect to create an office interior design where people would want to work. Interior Motions in collaboration with Nelson envisioned a polished look for the space that was indicative of a sophisticated, world-class biotech company. This project represented a turnkey solution for the customer from start to finish, on a short schedule and tight budget.
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Our Challenge:

Purigen was ready to hit the ground running. They needed a speedy turn-around, but the challenge was that the office fit out was complex, with a lot of moving parts including construction, wall teardown, wall installation, new carpeting, fresh paint, furniture selection, and furniture installation. Their initial project timeline budgeted three months to complete the office interior design, but our team was able to orchestrate completion in just six weeks.

Our Solution:

“Fit-out” is a process that makes an interior space ready for occupation. When Purigen purchased the space, it was essentially left bare and open to interpretation. As the possibilities for refurbishment are nearly limitless for this type of space, it takes skill to determine the right processes to bring the space to habitable condition within time and budget constraints. Luckily, our decades of experience and wonderful partnership with Nelson left us well prepared for this challenge. We designed a polished, sophisticated look for the space and worked closely with contractors to ensure that everything was done right and done on-time.

The Outcome:

Our relationships with vendors not only expedited delivery for specified products, but obtained the look Purigen Biosystems wanted at a more affordable price that brought them under-budget. We are proud to say that the client was happy and satisfied with their bright, contemporary, new space.

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