P-Town is a satellite office of Interior Motions that is used to showcase what we can do with a small space! It is a fully functional space that receives lots of traffic not only from Interior Motions employees, but clients eager to get inspiration for their own offices.
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Our Challenge:

Like many offices, P-Town struggled to find the balance between functional and beautiful because of size constraints. There was little space to store adequate supplies, and the layout needed to be strategically planned. Luckily, our design team proved that functionality and beauty do not have to be mutually exclusive––even when it comes to small spaces.

Our Solution:

In order to achieve optimal functionality in the office, we utilized every square inch of the space. We made sure that all of the pieces were perfectly proportioned to the area and oriented in the most logical way. The office included a variety of furnishings like benches, ergonomic chairs, moveable stools, etc. that did not impose on the limited square footage.

The Outcome:

P-town is a great example of Interior Motion’s innovation and ingenuity. Thanks to the design team’s meticulous planning, P-town is now a great outlet for our employees to work efficiently and collaborate with peers.

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