PJMB Commercial, Inc. is a real estate company based in Pleasanton, California. At PJMB, they specialize in getting to know the customer and then finding them the perfect piece of real estate to accommodate their needs. That is why they needed an updated space to ensure both client comfort and employee productivity.
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Our Challenge:

The primary challenge of the PJMB project was to use as much of their old furniture as possible, while giving their space a revamped look. Luckily, PJMB had some great existing pieces that just needed some intentional placing and partnering with new products.

Our Solution:

The Interior Motions team created several drawings to help PJMB envision how the new furniture could coexist with their existing furniture. We created thoughtful layouts for the furniture to open up space in the office, and then found products that fit within PJMB’s budget.

The Outcome:

The end result was a modernized space that did not break the bank. PJMB was thrilled to see the way their old furniture was transformed with the Interior Motions touch.

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Store Address:
1490 Park Ave
Emeryville, CA
Open M-F, 9-5 PM
Corporate Office:
1465 Park Ave
Emeryville, CA
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