Popsugar is an internet publisher that promises all of the hottest trends, latest fashion, and most recent entertainment. With offices in hubs like San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles and London, as well as over 20 million users, Popsugar continues to be an impactful presence in the media industry. Despite Popsurgar’s success, they needed additional help to take their office from a small start-up to an established segment leader in their industry. The Interior Motions team, Brereton architects, and Source Construction's experts came in with fresh designs, guidance, and services.
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Our Challenge:

The biggest obstacle standing in Popsugar’s way was their lack of consistent branding. Their office was too plain to reflect the bold and fashionable identity portrayed in their online publications. They needed a makeover.

Our Solution:

If there is one thing Interior Motions can do, it’s a makeover. Brereton and Interior Motions began by developing a corporate identity that could be incorporated into all offices. To accomplish that, we facilitated a standard program for new spaces so that it eliminated any guesswork involved in establishing a new office. Additionally, we delivered state-of-the-art designs, supported the client through the brand’s transition period, implemented adjustable desks, and provided liquidation/move management services.

The Outcome:

The end result was a beautiful space that was equally as functional and it was beautiful. The brightness of the pinks on the wall reminds employees to be bold while the sophistication of the furniture creates a professional atmosphere. Now Popsugar has an office that matches their company’s identity––not only on a local scale, but across the nation.

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