Based in Pleasanton’s Bernal Corporate Park, Unchained Labs grew to $50 billion in sales in five short years by helping biologics researchers “break free from tools that don’t cut it”. Unchained Labs buys proven technologies from smaller companies that lack the capital, manufacturing infrastructure, and marketing to scale up. Once Unchained Labs makes a purchase, they move quickly to bring these promising solutions to market in six to 12 months. The company has made headlines for launching gene therapy tools, protein measurement systems, and a new platform that quantifies mRNA in vaccines, while also measuring the size distribution of lipid particles. Clearly a modern, forward-thinking company, Unchained Labs came to us requesting our help in designing a space that was as fun and playful as the company. With the help of Ware Malcomb, our team rolled up our sleeves and created a bold, sophisticated research facility design that reflected the company spirit.
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Our Challenge:

Unchained Labs had a vision for their East Bay corporate campus: a place that was filled with fun and food. Their company was rapidly growing and they were under serious time constraints. Within months, our team was able to help fill a two-story building with furniture that fit their style and needs.

Our Solution:

Interior Motions worked alongside the architects from Ware Malcomb and remodeling experts at Metcon. We all agreed that colors and curvy furnishings would maintain the playful culture that Unchained Labs was looking for. These bold research facility design choices would be anchored against neutral, standardized tables and chairs that flowed from room to room, taking inspiration from the biggest corporate companies. We wanted to conjure a sense of awe and space as one entered the wide-open, low-centered workspace.

The Outcome:

Unchained Labs was well-suited to a 100% open concept space that invited collaboration. We set up group work areas with soundproof phone booths that kept noise to a minimum. Playful signage across the office added an upbeat vibe, while each office cleverly had a name featuring the letters “U” or “N” for Unchained Labs. Ultimately, the welcoming breakroom won the staff over as a great place to enjoy food and the company of coworkers.


Jennifer and Ali took the time to understand our culture and the functionality we hoped to inject into our new space. They went above and beyond to deliver the right furniture, but also helped with paint, carpet, and finish selections to ensure a consistent look and feel to the layout. The entire team was responsive and sensitive to the tight timelines we were on, and ultimately delivered an environment that is a great fit for Unchained Labs.

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