Sakura of America is a pen and art supply company that has flourished for over 100 years. Their name comes from the national flower of Japan which translates to “cherry blossom.” The beautiful yet delicate cherry blossom blooms for just two short weeks after the harsh winters in Japan. The blooming flower is meant to embody Sakura’s belief that human expression and creativity perseveres. That is why they are committed to providing new “ideas, stories, products, art, and more.”
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Our Challenge:

The Sakura location in Hayward lacked private offices that allowed for heads down work, workstations that supported hybrid work, and collaborative spaces that promoted community. However, they had a limited budget to accomplish those things in their workplace. Nonetheless, the Interior Motions accepted the challenge.

Our Solution:

Our designers put their heads together to create a new furniture solution that reflected the creative spirit of Sakura’s mission. We opted for colorful pieces to accentuate the dynamic wall art and colorful office products around the building. We added height-adjustable-desks and Herman Miller Aeron Chairs to ensure that employees were supported from an ergonomic standpoint. Lastly, we used refurbished products whenever possible to minimize expenses.

The Outcome:

The outcome of the project was a vibrant yet functional space that employees could look forward to visiting everyday. With the employees’ needs met, Sakura can focus on better serving the needs of creatives everywhere.

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