Symphony AI is a Bay Area company that produces high-value artificial intelligence solutions for a wide range of industries all over the world. As you can imagine, their line of work requires both creativity and technical expertise. That is why the CEO of Symphony AI knew that having a bright and vibrant workplace would set his employees up for success. Interior Motions worked closely with the talented professionals at MSA Architecture to execute this project.
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Our Challenge:

When we say “a bright and vibrant workplace,” we really mean it. The CEO of Symphony AI wanted the furniture to vary in color, the carpets to vary in shapes, and the amenities to be out of the ordinary. The vision was to establish an office place that featured something visually stimulating in every corner, keeping employees and visitors engaged.

Our Solution:

With the dedicated team at MSA, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work designing furniture solutions, selecting fabrics, and choosing finishes. The hardest part of the project was ensuring that the space felt cohesive despite all the individual elements. We opted for beautiful jewel tones, which made the space simultaneously playful and sophisticated.

The Outcome:

Thanks to the instrumental work of MSA, the end result was a truly jaw-dropping workplace. At the entrance of the building, you are greeted by a large TV screen with stimulating graphics, characteristic of Symphony AI’s work. As you walk down the hall, you notice the geometric carpets, the colorful break room, and the modern workstations. However, the crowning jewel of the entire project is arguably their conference room, which has an entire rainbow of office chairs lining the table. Now, Symphony AI employees can create inspired work while being inspired by their workplace.

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