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Posted on October 11, 2022

Workplace trends are changing and many employers are beginning to realize that the office does not need to be–– and arguably should not be–– merely a sea of workstations. There are infinitely many ways to organize a workplace: open floor plan, team clusters, hybrid office layout, collaborative office layout, etc. With so many options to choose from, it is often difficult to determine which one is right for you and your employees. Luckily, Interior Motions is here to help you navigate the tricky process of office organization. 


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Office organization can be defined as “grouping office activities so that [tasks can be] executed effectively and economically.”  In other words, an office should be furnished and arranged in a way that simultaneously optimizes productivity and minimizes obstacles for employees. For example, departments that often work in tandem should be in close proximity to one another and have furniture that supports collaboration. 

Getting started

How can you determine which office arrangement optimizes productivity and minimizes obstacles? You must first ask yourself these essentials questions about your company: 

  • How many people does this space need to accommodate?
  • How often are people going to be using this space? 
  • What is the function of this space?
  • What is the feeling you want to evoke in this space?
  • What tools/equipment do you need to execute our objectives?
  • Which tools/equipment need to be in proximity to which groups? 
  • How much paper storage do you need?
  • How much storage do you need for miscellaneous items such as personal belongings, etc.?
  • Are you going to be expanding/downsizing in the near future?

Next steps

Photo: Herman Miller

Hopefully, answering the aforementioned questions will help you understand your company’s needs––then you can begin to organize your office in a way that meets those needs. To do that, you can either get creative with existing furniture and experiment with different applications, or you can purchase new furniture that better suits your company’s demands. In either case, it is important to furnish your office thoughtfully to avoid unnecessary clutter. Interior Motions Designer, Ali Howard, notes a good rule of thumb, “if you purchase extra storage, you will fill it. If you only purchase the storage you need, you will be forced to stay organized.”

How we can help

If organizing an entire office building to meet the complex demands of your fast-paced company feels too difficult to manage by yourself, Interior Motions is happy to help! Interior Motions is highly experienced in organizing and reconfiguring office spaces for clients. The key to our success is our non-prescriptive approach. We go through the same essential questions when meeting a new client so we can get a complete picture of their wants and needs. To see the scope of our organization skills, check out some of our successful projects such as Metcon, College of Alameda, and Gillig. 

Office organization is an integral component of a company’s overall success. We hope that this article provides a valuable starting point for the organization process. If you need additional assistance along the way, please contact!

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