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Posted on June 3, 2022

Imagine working in an office where every single wall was painted a fluorescent shade of lime green. How did that make you feel? Probably a little overwhelmed. That is because color greatly impacts both human perception and behavior on a physiological level. There is even an entire branch of psychology called Color Psychology, which explores how people react to various hues and color combinations. Interior Motions is here to offer you a complete guide on how to select the right paint color for you and best apply it to your space.

How to Choose an Office Paint Color 

The first step in selecting an appropriate paint color is to determine what tone you hope to achieve through your space. Would you like your office to evoke tranquility or energy? Do you want a bold workplace or a more subtle one? These answers will help narrow down your options. 

What Each Color Signifies

Each color has a different psychological effect on the human brain. Studies show that “certain hues will make us feel more energetic, or they can be calming. Some even produce feelings of aggression or depression.” Therefore, it is essential to choose an office color that aligns with your objectives and the atmosphere you want to create. 

Yellow- Energy, Optimism, Happiness

Yellow is a great color if you are looking to create a vibrant space where employees feel energized as soon as they walk in. We incorporated a lot of yellow into our project for Lumos, and it turned out fabulous. 

Green- Ease, Restoration, Balance

Studies show that the color green causes the least amount of eye strain for viewers, making it the perfect color for areas where people work long hours. 

Red- Excitement, Power, Health

Red tends to have a bold and powerful effect on humans, which is why many gyms and offices feature red walls. 

Corporate Visions
White- Spaciousness, Purity, Goodness

The color white typically needs an additional accent color to add variation to the space, but white is great for areas that you want to feel larger such as lobbies or cafeterias. 

Orange- Enthusiasm, Vibrancy, Wholesomeness

Orange has been shown to stimulate the appetite, so it is worth considering for break rooms and cafeterias. 

New Schools Venture Fund
Brown- Security, Earthiness, Simplicity

Brown is often associated with dirt and the earth, so environmental companies can leverage this association to further their brand identity. 

Blue- Peace, Tranquility, Stability

Blue is a popular color in offices because many people crave tranquility in high-stress environments. 

Unchained Labs
Black- Sophistication, Mystery, Elegance

Black walls are a great but bold statement so we suggest using black in moderation. 

How to Apply Paint 

Unfortunately, the work is not over once you have selected your office paint color. The application of your paint color is equally as important as the color itself because too much of a certain hue can overwhelm the eye. 

Valerie Williams, one of the Interior Designers at Interior Motions, offers these guidelines for applying an office paint color:

  • Smaller offices should remain light in order to give the illusion of more space. Therefore, if you are looking to incorporate a dark color in a small office, use it sparingly. 
  • There are more opportunities to add colors to bigger spaces. Neutral colors in expansive offices tend to make the space feel cold or empty, so don’t shy away from painting certain areas with bold colors and warm hues. 
  • Accent walls are great ways to play around with color and add visual interest to a space without a major commitment.
  • If you are hesitant to add colors to your walls, you can opt for colorful furniture instead! You will still get a pop of color but in a more subtle way. 

Wall color has made a significant difference in many of the Interior Motions projects. A prime example is Expanse Medical Inc., where we reused a majority of their existing furniture yet gave their space an entirely new life through paint color. To see more successful projects, head to our projects page. 

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