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Posted on April 29, 2021

Covid-19 has not only altered where we work, it has transformed how we work. Business practices and office amenities that once worked in 2020 will no longer suffice. In order for companies to maintain optimal employee productivity and satisfaction in the new age, they will need to equip their workplaces with post-covid office products. Here are some products worth considering:

Lockers/ Personal Storage Units

Prior to Covid, many employees stored their supplies in a personal desk that they returned to everyday. However, in an interview with Kirsten Lien, the Regional Operations Manager for Ware Malcomb, she noted that shared desk spaces will become more and more prevalent. This trend can be attributed to the fact that most employees will likely split their work time between the home and the office. Thus, there will be fewer desks shared by more people. For most of us, the term “shared space” triggers our internal Covid-alarm, which is why Kirsten emphasizes the need for personal lockers. “Employees are not really going to want to be sharing any high-touch surfaces like keyboards,” says Lien, “being able to have a place to put your own space is going to become more important.” 

Modular Walls

Modular walls are impermanent barriers designed to provide separation between workstations, spaces, and employees. President of Interior Motions, Jenifer Burton, once mentioned to the Hacienda Newsletter that, “Covid-19 has necessitated the use of flexible furniture and modular spaces.” This is because modular walls are not only beneficial for minimizing the transmission of respiratory droplets, they provide helpful privacy for heads-down work. 

Customizable Furniture 

After nearly a year of working from home, many employees have become accustomed to the luxury of working on their own terms. Thus, returning to the office would be a harsh transition if employees were completely stripped of their newfound ability to customize their office. As a result, employers should select post-covid office products that come with a variety of options, so employees can determine which items work best for them. Burton continues, “Having a variety of soft chairs, hard chairs, collaborative spaces, semi-private workstations, etc. to choose from will make employees feel heard and accommodate their individual work styles.”

In a year of many difficult transitions, these post-covid office products can help make the transition from the home to the office more manageable for employees. If you are not returning to the office, check out these home office essentials.

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