Recap of NeoCon 2021

Posted on October 15, 2021

Last week, interior designers and manufacturers from all over the country powered down their computers and swapped their virtual meetings schedule for the most anticipated event of the year–– NeoCon 2021. Held in The Merchandise Mart (the Mart) located in bustling downtown Chicago, NeoCon is an opportunity to see and showcase the latest groundbreaking products. 

Photo: NeoCon Image Gallery

Between Covid-19 and precarious looking rain clouds, attendees worried that the NeoCon experience would not be the same this year. Thankfully, the Chicago weather cooperated and there were ample measures put in place to ensure the safety of showroom guests. Anti-viral technologies coupled with capacity monitoring systems allowed people to relax and focus on the reason behind the whole convention–– the products. 

If you didn't get a chance to attend, here is a recap of NeoCon 2021 and some its noteworthy products:

Free Address System- Stylex

The sleek modular system gained the favor of NeoCon attendees for its remarkable functionality. Seating, tables, cubbies, lockers, planters, and privacy panels comprise the Free Address system, giving users the ability to create virtually any kind of space. 

Photo: Stylex

Maxwell Chair- ERG

Photo: Christian Jones

With its wood legs, high back, and prominent wing design, the Maxwell lounge chair is a statement piece. At NeoCon, it was upholstered in Suede Plush from Unika Vaev. Christian Jones from Linked Reps said, “nobody could get their hands off of it.”

LCS Table- Nienkämper

Nienkämper pushed the limits of ergonomics with its height adjustable conference table. Its Brazilian Veneer and chrome base stopped people in their tracks at NeoCon. 

Photo: Christian Jones

Big Talk- Scandinavian Spaces

Photo: Christian Jones

If there was an award for most instagram-worthy product, Big Talk would certainly steal the show. Its unique and flexible S-shape and vibrant color palette make it unlike any other piece at NeoCon. 

AS100- Howe

With the workplace rapidly evolving, AS100 offers an unparalleled level of mobility and flexibility. Additionally, its petite frame and nesting abilities make it cleverly space-saving.  

Photo: Howe

Faraday- Tuohy

Photo: Tuohy

While the Faraday table’s unique form appears to be just a dramatic artistic statement, the circuitous frame doubles as a practical solution for wire management. Furthermore, its material versatility makes it a show-stopping piece. 

Sine Auditorium Chair- Sedia Systems

This rendition of the classic auditorium seat is both sophisticated and innovative. Made to mimic the soft curvature of a pebble, the design compliments contemporary performing arts venues. 

Photo: Sedia Systems

Tun Table- Naughtone

Photo: Naughtone

The Tun Table is a sculptural table that adds a pop of color to any space. It comes in 14 tabletop options, 16 base hues, and a wide array of textiles for upholstering the base. 

While Herman Miller was not in the Mart this year, their award winning products were still on display in their new Fulton Market Showroom–– just a couple of blocks away from the Mart. Despite the challenges and limitations Covid-19 presented this year, the showroom was buzzing with eager attendees. Some of the product highlights include the OE1 Micro Packs and Geiger’s new Mantle sofa and chair. Best of all, viewers could see all of Herman Miller’s many brands together in one beautiful space. 

Photo: Herman Miller

To see more award winning pieces, you can view the NeoCon winner list here

This year’s NeoCon was slightly different from previous years, but it still fulfilled its purpose of uniting the interior design and furniture industry for a couple days out of the year. No computer screen could ever replace the experience of reconnecting with a colleague in person or touching a suede chair in real time. In this way alone, NeoCon 2021 was an overwhelming success.

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