Returning to the Office after Covid-19

Posted on April 27, 2021

The spread of Covid-19 in 2020 necessitated that many employees around the globe transition to remote work. Now, at the tail-end of the pandemic, companies are considering returning to the office with certain safety measures in place. However, vaccines and masks are not the only means of protecting your workers and coworkers––your furniture can help too. Here are several tips to ensure a safe, comfortable, and productive post-Covid workplace:

Space out Desks and Workstations

While many people enjoy working alongside their peers in close proximity, offices should be cautious of clustered workstations and collaborative areas. Try to spread out workstations as much as possible. If square footage is sparse, you may have to get creative with your office layout. Take a look at some of these Herman Miller furniture configurations for inspiration.

Operate at Limited Capacity

The goal is to get everyone back into the office eventually, but that does mean getting everyone back into the office at once. Bringing in half of the faculty members at a time allows for more distance between employees and minimizes exposure. 

Invest in Room Dividers

Using room dividers to give your employees semi-private workstations is a great way to make returning to the office after Covid-19 less scary. However, segmenting off your office does not necessarily mean isolating your employees in dark, shadowy boxes. Herman Miller has a vast selection of panels, easels, and wall dividers that not only allow space between employees, but are as fashionably functional. To browse their products, click here.

Organize Office Traffic

In a bustling office, accidentally bumping into a coworker is practically inevitable. To avoid unnecessary contact when returning to the office, Interior Motions suggests implementing a guide for traffic flow. Hang signage or tape one-way arrows along the hallways, stairwells, and office spaces to direct employees’ paths. 

Implement a Cleaning System

Because Covid-19 is spread through respiratory droplets in the air and on surfaces, enforcing a cleaning routine and schedule is an integral part of workplace safety. Encourage employees to regularly wipe down their stations, use hand sanitizer, and disinfect equipment. 

While it is apparent that the virus will have residual affects on the workplace for years to come, these strategies for returning to the office after Covid-19 will facilitate a more safe and productive transition.

If you are not planning on returning to the office any time soon, check out these tips for building a more comfortable and productive home office.

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