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Strider Patton

Contemporary sculptures, murals, and studio art.

Advice for creatives

Patton’s advice for evoking creativity is to stay curious about your surroundings. During our time with him, Patton explained that he lives by the philosophy that “you are who [and what] you surround yourself with.” Thus, if he wants to make interesting art, he must surround himself with interesting things. In this way, Patton’s workspace becomes an integral component of his creative process.

Ideal workspace

Patton craves energy and openness from his space. He says that his walls are adorned with various quotes to inspire him throughout the day while his minimalistic style allows him to enter a state of deep focus. On a more practical level, Patton needs ample storage for his projector, laser cutters, spray paint booth, MIG welders, LED light equipment, and electrical tools. Because Patton’s art is so multi-faceted, it is easy for his studio to become messy. Thus, hard surfaces that can be wiped down easily were a top priority for his space. 

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