Sustainable Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Posted on April 14, 2021

It is hard to tackle daily tasks with an overflowing stack of papers by your side, rogue pens lining the floor, and office supplies spilling over your desk. If your office feels cluttered and unproductive, it might be time to do some spring cleaning. However, cleaning solutions that make your office better could make the environment worse. Here are several ways you can conduct a sustainable spring cleaning that is good for you and the ecosystem. 

Instead of Trashing Old Papers ––––>  Repurpose Them

Many people think that once they have used a piece of paper, the paper’s lifespan is over, but that is simply not true. You can elongate a piece of paper’s lifespan by finding creative new uses for it. For example, print on both sides of the paper, let paper double as a placemat or a table cover, use paper as craft material, etc. For sensitive documents, be sure to shred them and then send the scraps to recycling facilities that can transform them into paper products. In either case, you are decluttering your space without sacrificing the environment! 

Instead of Tossing Out Furniture ––––> Give Your Furniture a Second Life

Many people equate spring cleaning with throwing things away. But just because a chair has a janky arm or an uneven leg does not mean it is destined for the landfill. You can restore old furniture by refurbishing the materials and replacing dirty fabrics. Oftentimes, simple fixes can add years to an item’s life. To look at Interior Motions restoration services, click here.

Instead of Throwing Away Office Supplies ––––> Invest in Space Organizers

Sometimes, an office’s problem is not that there is too much stuff, but that there is nowhere to put all of it. Space organizers and filing cabinets are a great way to ensure that all office supplies and paperwork have a designated spot. To shop Herman Miller space organizers, click here.

Instead of Discarding Electronics ––––> Organize the Cables 

Having disorganized wires and cables in your office takes up valuable space and detracts from your office’s visual appearance. Neat Tech products provide a helpful solution by tucking your cables away in light-weight breathable mesh baskets. This allows you to use all of your appliances without accumulating clutter. Click here to browse their stock.

As you can see, there are many ways to conduct a sustainable spring cleaning in your workspace without unnecessarily trashing items. However, if you do need to throw away office materials, just make sure you are doing so responsibly and mindfully.

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