The Interior Motions Approach

Posted on January 21, 2022

Though it has only just begun, 2022 has already been brimming with opportunities for Interior Motions. We have acquired several new, exciting projects; partnered with new, forward-thinking clients; and expanded into new sectors of business. Navigating this period of expansion has forced us to reflect on who we are as a company and how we conduct our business. What we have concluded is that it is not what we do that makes us unique, but how we do it. Thus, we have decided to share with you our distinguishing factor: the Interior Motions approach. 

We Listen to Understand, Not Prescribe

We never approach a project with a set solution in mind. Instead, we sit down with the client to identify their wants, needs, expectations, and hopes for their new space. With large-scale projects, this often entails meeting with different departments, sending out surveys to gather feedback, and hosting demos of furniture pieces. 

We Educate 

The idea of furnishing a building is often a foreign and daunting task to clients, as there are endless options and configurations of furniture. That is where our company’s 40+ years of industry experience comes in handy. It is our job to educate the client on what is possible and then help them decide which solution is right for them. 

We Adapt

Because each project is unique, we have developed an adaptable approach that can be altered to accommodate any timeline and budget. We have specific tools and documents in place to ensure that we meet all of the project’s specific milestones–– whether that be finalizing the floorplans, ordering the correct finishes, or coordinating installation times.

We Communicate

While every project is different, every project is a huge investment in our client’s future. Many clients have a deep connection to the spaces we renovate, which means that they understandably want every detail to be correct. We try to honor their investment by communicating every step of the way and triple checking our work.

We Create Lasting Relationships

The partnership with Interior Motions does not end with the final desk installation. At the conclusion of a project, we do a walk-through of the space to identify any residual issues. Beyond that, we are only ever a phone call away as we continue to protect clients’ investment by upholding the Herman Miller 12-year furniture warranty. This means that if an item malfunctions, we replace it; no questions asked. Because of our ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction, we often have clients return to us years later when a new building needs furnishing.

There are obviously many other aspects to making a dream space become a reality, but the most important step is making the client feel heard and respected. And that is truly where Interior Motions excels. If you would like to partner with us for an upcoming project and experience the Interior Motions approach firsthand, please fill out the contact form on our home page.

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