The Logistics of Expanding Your Business

Posted on January 26, 2022

If your company is looking to open a new location, first of all, congratulations! Growing your business to the point of expansion is no easy feat. With a new location comes opportunities to attract a new demographic of customers, hire new employees who will contribute to your success, and achieve a new level of productivity. While there are many benefits of opening a new location, it is important to consider all of the logistics of expanding your business. Interior Motions is here to help you get situated in your new space and unlock your business’ potential. 

Things to consider:

How many employees will be there?

One of the most important things to determine before designing the layout of your new space is the number of people who will work in the office. From there, you can decide on a configuration that adequately provides a mix of heads-down work areas and collaborative spaces. 

Will clients visit the office?

If you expect clients and guests to regularly visit the office, your design will need to accommodate that. Clients and visitors should be greeted by a welcoming reception area that makes them feel comfortable. 

How will you manage your inventory?

A new office space is useless without proper furniture. Regardless of if you are starting fresh with all new equipment or blending existing furniture with new items, it is imperative to have a thorough inventory management system in place. This will ensure that everything gets to its intended destination. 

Do you want your offices to be identical or to have different atmospheres?

When expanding, many companies adopt a standardized furniture solution that can be applied to all future locations. This is a great option that expedites the relocation process and ensures a cohesive look across offices. Alternatively, a new location could be an opportunity to drastically change the atmosphere of your workplace.

How will you maintain your company’s culture? 

Whether you choose to implement a standardized furniture solution or create a unique design for each location, it is important to have the workplace reflect your company’s culture.  In regards to MailChimp’s second location, Jon Smith, VP of Customer Support, offered, “The most important thing is that we make sure our employees stay connected to the company’s mission and shared values.” 

 Identifying all of these things early on will save you time and money in the long run. Of course, there are many other details involved with opening up a new location. Interior Motions is happy to assist you with all the aforementioned aspects and more; just fill out the contact us form on the homepage. 

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