Top 5 Ergonomic Desk Options

Posted on September 15, 2022

Gone are the days when the kitchen counter could double as a work surface. Whether you're working from home or within the office, it is important to equip your work station with ergonomic products. Ergonomic products are specifically engineered with physiological principles, maximizing user productivity and reducing work-related injuries. When it comes to ergonomic desks, the most important factor is its height adjustability. This is because sitting at a desk all day puts you at an increased risk for conditions such as increased blood pressure, back pain, depression, abnormal cholesterol levels, etc. Therefore, research suggests that people should spend 30 minutes of every hour standing at their workstation. However, we know that you do not have time to shop through web page after web page of the internet's picks for ergonomic desks. That is why we used our 30+ years of experience in the furniture industry to bring you Interior Motions' picks for the top 5 ergonomic desk options. 

Renew- Herman Miller

Photo: Herman Miller

Herman Miller is often recognized as the gold standard in ergonomic office products, and the Herman Miller Renew Sit-to-Stand table is no exception to that standard. The Renew collection is thoughtfully designed to include cable management that neatly routes cords out of sight, an intuitive paddle-shaped switch to move the table up and down, and softly angled corners to prevent bumps and bruises as you adjust. Furthermore, it comes in a variety of shapes and materials, making it the perfect ergonomic desk choice for any office.

Motia- Herman Miller

Photo: Herman Miller

If the Herman Miller Renew table is slightly outside of your budget, the Herman Miller Motia table is the next best thing. It is backed by the same Herman Miller quality guarantee with a strong and durable base that can lift up to 250 pounds. Furthermore, it is compatible with monitor arms, keyboard supports, and CPU Holders and screens, making it a completely customizable experience. 

Activ Pro 3- AMQ

Photo: AMQ

Like many sit-to-stand tables, the AMQ Activ Pro 3 table is an ergonomic desk designed to offer a full range of motion as users can effortlessly cycle through sitting postures and standing postures throughout the day. What makes the Activ Pro unique is its affordable price point and its standard push button handsets with 4 memory presets. The memory preset allows you to quickly switch between your perfect standing height and your perfect sitting height in seconds. 

Float- Humanscale

Photo: Humanscale

The Float Sit-to-Stand Desk by Humanscale has a sleek, minimalist aesthetic that compliments a wide range of office styles and spaces. Not only is Float beautiful, it offers effortless adjustability with its patented counterbalance mechanism.  Best of all, Float is Living Product Certified, meaning that it is climate, water and energy positive. 

Electrical Height Adjustable Tables- Pacific Coast Furniture Group

Last but certainly not least on our list are the Electrical Height Adjustable Tables from Pacific Coast Furniture Group. Their reasonably priced products are a great solution if you are looking for ergonomic height-adjustability without breaking the bank. They feature easy-to-operate mechanisms, a full range of motion, and numerous sizes and color options.

All of these products are great options that can help you minimize the risk of injuries . Be sure to check out our online inventory or visit our Emeryville Furniture Warehouse to check out these products for yourself–– your body will thank you for it!

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