Top Products from NeoCon

Posted on June 17, 2022

NeoCon is an annual exhibition that attracts furniture enthusiasts from all over the country, looking to experience the latest and greatest products in the furniture industry. Hundreds of vendors create elaborate showrooms with eye-catching displays inside Chicago’s iconic Merchandise Mart. The Interior Motions team spent a jam-packed three days perusing the showrooms, talking with manufacturers, and testing out products. If you did not have the opportunity to visit this year’s NeoCon, don't fret! (At least you missed the airport’s mile-long line for security check.) Interior Motions is here to bring NeoCon to you with our top products from NeoCon 2022.

Granted, with 23 stories and 4 million square feet to cover in the Merchandise Mart, the Interior Motions team would sooner collapse than see every product at NeoCon. Nonetheless, over the course of the trip, our team learned a lot about new products, market trends, and the future of work. Here are some of our favorites: 

Arcadia by Spacestor

At NeoCon, experienced furniture representatives would guide our team on tours through showrooms, sharing valuable insights about particular products. When we reached Arcadia, the representative said “I’m not going to say anything, I’m just going to let you experience it.” And what an experience it was. Arches and curves comprised a vast kit of parts that could be arranged and rearranged within a workplace. Walking through the maze of soft walls made you feel like you were being transported to a different time and place. 

Photo: Spacestor
Photo: Spacestor

Patkau Twist Chair by Nienkamper

Photo: Neinkamper

At this point in time, many corporations are realizing that they will need to create a remarkable workplace in order to attract and maintain employees in the office. The Patkau Twist Chair is hard to describe without using the word remarkable. Its unique shape doubles as an art sculpture while its birch material makes a bold statement. 

Faraday Conference Table by Touhy 

Photo: Touhy

If you are seeking a high-end look and feel, then Tuohy products are for you. The Faraday Conference Table has a dynamic base and a smooth top lined with white marble. The marble is underlit with LED lights that can be turned on and off to create a dramatic visual effect. 

Calm Branches Wall Tile by Facts

Photo: Facts

Each acoustic wall tile displays a fractal pattern that mimics the visual patterns found in nature. This precise pattern is scientifically proven to reduce stress and encourage eye movement across the wall in the same way an eye would scan a canopy of crisscrossing branches. At NeoCon it was displayed with LED light illuminating each cut out from behind. Its calming effects make it an ideal solution for lobbies or hallways of traditionally high-stress areas such as universities or hospitals. 

AS100 Swivel Chair by Howe

Not only does the AS100 Swivel Chair exceed standards in both comfort and mobility, it has a uniquely patented “horizontal stacking” ability. Its lightweight frame can be easily dragged into a storage position; from there, users can lift the seat, join the chairs, and activate the nesting magnets that lock the chairs into place. 

MagPower Table by Nienkamper

Photo: Neinkamper

The modern workplace requires flexibility and mobility. The MagPower Table is a sleek multi-purpose table that can be moved to accommodate the users’ individual needs. Best of all, the MagPower table “features a battery-rechargeable wireless USB A + C power, cleverly mounted in the table leg where wire management is integrated in the design of the legs to maintain a seamless aesthetic.” Thus, you get a clutter-free work surface with unique charging capabilities. 

These are just some of the many amazing products presented at NeoCon. Our team cannot wait to begin incorporating them into our projects and seeing how they shape the future of work. 
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