Top Tips for Building a Company Website

Posted on April 2, 2021

As a company who just launched a completely renovated website, we understand both the importance and difficulty of having a quality online presence. That is why we wanted to save you and your business some of the hassle by offering you our top tips for building a company website.

Develop your Brand 

Just like you wouldn’t begin a road trip without first determining a destination, you don’t want to begin building or renovating your company website without identifying a clear vision for your brand. Establishing a brand identity ensures that the pictures you display, the content of your copy, and the voice of your company are all consistent with one another. This allows your customer to get to know you and the values of your company more quickly and easily. 

Think about SEO Conversion

When building a company website, it is essential to consider how your website will appear on search engines.The quality of the content of your website is irrelevant if no one is ever going to see your website. Incorporating keywords into your copy will help you appear on google and search engine results, so that more traffic is directed to your website.

Include a Clear Call-to-Action 

After a customer has perused your website’s offerings, they will most likely think “ok, now what?” If you have a clear call-to-action on your website, you can help answer that question. A call-to-action can take the shape of a “contact us” button, a “see what’s in stock” tab, etc. Just make sure it’s readily accessible, so you can guide users on what to do next. 

Add a Value Proposition

Consumers have hundreds of companies to choose from when searching for any given product. Thus, you need to let customers know what sets your company apart from others. Do you offer free shipping? Are all of your products ethically and sustainably sourced? Whatever your competitive edge is, make it apparent on your website’s homepage. 

Craft Easy-to-Use Navigation Tabs

No one wants to be sent on a scavenger hunt when they look at a company’s website. If you do not have a clear menu bar or obvious navigation tabs that guide a customer through the pages of your website, they will most likely get lost and exit your website. Thus, make your menu icon bold and your page labels self-explanatory. 

Employ Good Copy

This may seem like a given, but poor copy can take your website from good to bad instantly. Good copy means employing a consistent voice, including quality content, utilizing varied language, and ensuring that there are no spelling or grammatical errors.

With these top tips for building a company website, you can improve the user experience and, in return, boost sales. Building a good company website is just one of the many ways a business can promote engagement with customers. For more tips on how to improve outreach with customers, visit this blog.

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